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The technical industry requires people with a thorough understanding of specialist knowledge. Training for a technical course at Taal-net Training Institute will give you theoretical knowledge and skills to enter and excel in the technical world. We offer nationally accredited technical courses from NI –N6 in selected technical disciplines. Other Engineering courses are done through distance learning where you do not need to attend classes and we deliver learning material to your door step whilst we give you all proper learning support, allow you to connect with our tutors and fellow students. Talk to us today and register for a technical course of your choice.

Entry admission requirements:

Entry requirements for N1-N3 is Grade 9 or its equivalent. For N4-N6 the entry requirements are Grade 12 or its equivalent. The duration per each level (N1-N3) is 3 months. The students are expected to pass 4 subjects for each level in order to get a certificate. For N4-N6 the duration for each level is 6 months with 18 months in service training. The student will then qualify for a diploma upon completion of a minimum 12 subjects. Engineering final examinations are written in April, July and December.


NOTE : Each level (N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 and N6) is completed in a period of 3 months

Campuses Offering Engineering Courses

51 Maxwell St
Kempton Park
+27 11 975 2771 / +27 83 247 1061

384 Kent St
Ferndale, Randburg
+27 11 326 1550 / +27 71 559 3873

JOHANNESBURG (Turffontein)
134 Stanton St,
+27 11 434 0440 | +27 79 073 3492

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