Government Certificate of Competency

  •    Older than 23 years,
  •    Pass 19 subjects with more than 50%,
  •    Proof of 18 months experience in field trade test.
Engineering Drawing N3Engineering Drawing N3
Engineering Science N4Engineering Science N4
Mathematics N4Mathematics N4
Strength & Structures N5Industrial Electronics N4
Control Systems N6Electrotechnics N4, N5
Mechanotechnics N4, N5, N6Control Systems N6
Power Machines N5, N6Mechanotechnics N4, N5, N6
Industrial Electronics N4, N5, N6Power Machines N5, N6
Electrotechnics N4, N5, N6Fluid Mechanics N5, N6
Supervisory Management N4, N5, N6Strength & Structures N5, N6
 Supervisory Management N4, N5, N6
Government Certificate of Competency:
With this qualification a career as an Engineer can be followed in industry. After completion of the required subjects, learners have to apply for admission at the Board of Examiners (Manpower) to write the examinations in the following subjects:
  •    1. Legal knowledge (Mines and Works/Factories)
  •    2. Plant Engineering (Factories/Mining) (Government Certificate of Competency)
Minimum pass mark for all subjects to qualify to register for the Government Certificate of Competency: 50%
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